The perfect late summer facial.

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This facial includes an effervescent green tea masque which  harnesses oxygen bubbles to deep cleanse the skin.   It removes impurities, dead cells and sebum as it  brightens the skin and prepares it for more efficient extractions.   Skin is left refreshed, nourished and well hydrated.   Perfect  for skin that is dull or clogged due  to sun exposure,  sunscreen buildup or environmental pollutants.

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Essential Skin Care Serums

Save 15% - on these Essential Skincare Serums

Did you know that there are certain specialty serums that have had extensive studies with proven results for their efficacy regarding skin repair and anti-aging?

We call these the ABCs of skincare and they include:

Vitamin A Serums (with Retinol):  
Retinol Resurfacing Treatment - A gentle starter retinol for skin repair.
Level Up - Advanced Retinol formula at 0.4%.

Vitamin B Serums (with Niacinamide):
First Light Lotion - Brightening, energizing, antioxidant with a matte finish.
AGELESS Longevity Serum - Brightening, energizing antioxidant for drier skin.

V itamin C Serum (with stabilized Vitamin C Esters):
C & E Antioxidant Serum - brightens, boosts collagen, enhances sunscreen protection.

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