What your skin needs right now.


A luxuriously hydrating treatment to
brighten dull, sun-
stressed skin. 

This quick pick-me-up rejuvenates, tones
and energizes your skin, so you'll be able to capture that fresh-faced glow all summer long.
(50 minutes)

Reg: $140  July Special: $120  
Why you need it: 
 Fun in the sun often means dull, dehydrated 
skin due to sun damage, air conditioning, lack of sleep, or the wrong food & beverage choices - resulting in a loss of vitality and tone and puffiness around the eyes.
What it includes:
  1. Lactic Acid Peel - Exfoliates away dead, dull skin cells as it
    brightens pigmentation and hydrates summer dry skin.
  2. Antioxidant Rich Resveratrol Masque  - Extensive antioxidants  jump-starts cellular repair , reduces   inflammation & inflammaging.
  3. Microcurrent - lifts, tightens and tones while increasing skin's energy molecule (ATP).   
  4. Lymphatic Eye Boost - With anti-puff actives like CoQ10 and peptides which help reclaim a fresh perky look for your eyes.
Note: No massage, steam or extractions or mitts are included with this facial.

An effective pore-clearing, anti-blemish treatment  
to undue summer oil buildup.

This quick pick-me-up treatment exfoliates, disinfects, does moderate pore clearing.It promotes healing so skin looks clear and fresh all summer long. 
(50 minutes)
Reg: $115  July Special: $100
Why you need it: 
Sun and sunscreen can lead to increased oiliness, pore  
clogging and summertime breakouts.Keeps pores  
clear and skin fresh, significantly reducing these problems.  
What it includes:  
  1. Glycolic Acid Booster - Clears pores and exfoliates away
    layers of skin clogging dead cells.
  2. Moderate Extractions - Expertly done to remove blackheads and milia.
  3. LED Blue Light Treatment - Known to soothe and disinfect as it promotes healing of blemishes.
  4. Tea Tree Intensive Masque - This antiseptic masque coupled with cool ultrasound calms and takes the heat out of the skin to promote healing.
Note:  No massage, steam or mitts are included in this facial.  Extractions are limited to eight minutes.  For a more intense treatment, consider our Problem Skin Facial. 

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