Spa Facials

Regular facial treatments are the key to achieving a lifetime of beautiful, glowing skin. Put your face in the hands of expert estheticians who truly understand your skin. Choose from the selected menu below or make an appointment for “A Personalized Facial” where the esthetician will make the choice based on the best treatment for your unique skin type.

A Personalized Facial (Let your esthetician choose)

Put the decision in the hands of your skin care experts.

Let expert estheticians examine your skin and make personalized recommendations so you can choose the perfect facial for your unique skin type. Price subject to change.

(90 minutes)   $160

Bio-Brasion Brightening Facial

Retexturizes sun-damaged skin as it softens uneven pigmentation. This is the next generation in microdermabrasion treatments. Yes, microdermabrasion…only better. Its diamond head, crystal-free, low-suction abrasion system resurfaces skin to instantly reveal a smoother, more even, younger-looking complexion without the risk of irritation associated with traditional microdermabrasion. The wet/dry exfoliation process imparts a brightening form of Vitamin C into the skin to help improve sun-induced pigmentation. Plus, a cocktail of peptides, introduced via LED light technology, helps to jump start dull, sluggish skin to take on a vital, radiant glow.

(90 minutes)   $215

Bio-Brasion Clearing Facial

The most effective method for clearing clogged pores. This is a great treatment for clearing those stubborn clogged pores, extracting blemishes, and lightening post-breakout marks. Featuring the new Bio-Brasion Exfoliating Peel, this treatment offers state-of-the-art results, combining a gentler form of microdermabrasion (that won't aggravate problem skin) with an effective, bacteria-fighting Salicylic Acid Peel. This is then paired with a desincrustation treatment, which is unsurpassed for softening stubborn clogged oil, leaving plenty of time for extractions. We finish the treatment with a soothing & disinfecting gel masque. The result is healthier, clearer, fresher feeling skin.

(90 minutes)   $215

Bio-Lift Revitalizing Facial

Brighten & revive your tired skin. Bio-Lift Revitalizing Facial is just what the doctor ordered if your skin is looking dull or tired, if it's in need of a lift, or has lost that vital luminescent glow. Bio-Lift combines the skin toning and firming power of microcurrent with skin brightening actives. It also employs LED light to harness energy producing molecules in the skin. This helps jump start cell metabolism to energize sluggish cells, thus giving your skin a wonderfully fresh, radiant glow.

(90 minutes)   $165

Cell Youth Anti-Aging Facial (Includes a peel)

Instant relief for very dry, maturing skin types. The extraordinary actives used in this facial are the result of ten years of research through the Human Genome Project. The ingredients used hold five international patents offering superior results. The new actives were chosen for their ability to awaken mature skin's sleepy stem cells. These cells are responsible for skin rejuvenation and repair and allow mature skin to look and act like younger skin. Hydration levels are dramatically improved due to an increased ability for skin cells to draw in moisture, which facilitates a lusciously moist, hydrated complexion. Instantly softens and super hydrates the skin. (Especially good for wintertime stressed skin.)

(90 minutes)

Cold Fusion Facial (includes a peel)

Anti-aging hydration for sensitive or rosacea-prone skin. This rejuvenating facial includes a retexturizing peel chosen for your skin type, followed by positive ion penetration, which enhances the anti-aging benefits of pomegranate antioxidants, and a maximum dose of super hydrating hyaluronic acid. This facial drenches your skin in moisture leaving it soft, plump, refreshed, and comfortable. Experience the soothing benefits of the icy Cold Fusion Masque, which infuses the skin with epidermal growth factors using ion technology. It's a great way to jump start skin cells to go into repair mode. This facial is especially effective when your skin is feeling tight, dry, dull, or stressed. Do something great for your skin. (Wonderful for summertime stressed skin).

(90 minutes)   $175

Cold Fusion Recovery Facial

Cold Fusion Recovery Facial is an acne clearing facial treatment catering to the special needs of sensitive problem skin. Skin that responds negatively to typical acne treatments will find relief when the focus is on minimizing inflammation first. This treatment includes a Smart Peel, Ultrasound Exfoliation, Extractions and a Cold Fusion Masque. This cryogenic repair masque provides wonderful relief for any rosacea prone or sensitive acne prone skin.

(90 minutes)   $160

Express Facial

Fast forward to great skin. Want a great facial treatment but time is an issue? Now you can enjoy a gentle hydration facial or a pore-clearing facial in under an hour. We will customize this basic facial to meet the needs of your skin. For more effective results, consider adding a peel.

(60 minutes)   $85

Hydro-Facial Plus

The most comprehensive facial. Dramatically hydrates, brightens, calms renews and rejuvenates your skin. The master treatment for anti-aging and longevity. It includes:
  • Hydrodermabrasion - to drench skin in moisture using vortex technology while effectively peeling away layers of dead, dull skin cells.
  • Oxygen Therapy - to gently calm, heal and penetrate top anti-aging antioxidants to maximize skin health and resilience.

(90 minutes)   $225

Hydro Happiness

A mini treatment for moisturizing & hydration. Experience a skin-drenching massage using hydro-humectants to create a plump, soft, supple complexion. This restorative massage is enhanced with a super hydrating Seaweed Masque.

(45 minutes)   $65

LED Photo Facial (A full facial. Includes a peel)

A skin-strengthening facial. A corrective peel, chosen expressly for your skin type, paves the way for deeper skin repair and healing. Light waves help stimulate the mitochondria (the energy producing part of skin cells) to soothe, balance, and create stronger skin. Especially effective for rosacea-prone skin or skin experiencing inflamed problem breakouts and irritation.

(90 minutes)   $160

LED Facial for Sensitive Skin (sans the peel)

Skin strengthening for skin too sensitive for a peel. This is a gentler version of the original LED Photo Facial. Ultra-sensitive skin may appear red, irritated, or blotchy. This soothing treatment calms, heals, and helps slow aging by targeting damaging free radicals that trigger inflammation.

(90 minutes)   $140

Oxygen Infusion Facial

Nourishing and energizing for dull, tired skin. This invigorating pure oxygen spray, infused in a cocktail of 87 vitamins and minerals derived from the sea, dramatically improves dull, devitalized skin on a cellular level. It’s Ideal for problem breakouts, sluggish skin, or redness. Breathe fresh air into your skin.

(90 minutes)   $130

Phyto Bubbles Deep Cleansing Facial

This facial includes an effervescent green tea masque which harnesses oxygen bubbles to deep cleanse the skin. It removes impurities, dead skin cell buildup and sebum. It brightens the skin and prepares it for more efficient extractions. Skin is refreshed, nourished and well hydrated. Phyto-Enzymes and Glycolic Acid make this the preferred treatment for skin that is clogged and dull due to sun exposure, sunscreen buildup and environmental pollutants.

1 hour 30 minutes $120

Power Peel Facial (With microdermabrasion)

Traditional microdermabrasion for thicker skin types. This is an effective overhaul for thick, dull, sun-damaged skin. Aluminum oxide crystals deeply clean, refine pores, and soften lines as it blasts away dead, dull surface cells, leaving your skin super smooth and looking like new. Ask your esthetician about pairing this treatment with a Lactic Acid Peel for highly resistant skin types. Recommended four times a year for reconditioning and reclaiming that beautiful, healthy glow.

(90 minutes)   $220

Pure Happiness

A mini treatment for clearing pores. Deep cleanse and purify your pores for a fresher, clearer complexion. Enzyme exfoliation under steam paves the way for more effective extractions, followed by a skin purifying masque.

(45 minutes)   $65

Purifying Problem Skin Facial

Thorough extractions and disinfecting treatment. Because not all problem skin behaves the same way, this facial is ultra-customized to address the particular needs of your skin. This customized procedure helps clear breakouts, reduce congestion, purify pores, control shine, and fade post-breakout marks. A peel using Salicylic Acid, enzymes or AHAs may be used to disinfect skin and dissolve clogged oil. This helps facilitate easier extractions. Steam is used to disinfect the skin and further prepare it for deep cleaning. Specific massage techniques soften oil and detoxify through improved circulation. A healing masque controls bacteria and excess oil. The results are improved texture and increased clarity. It’s the most effective path toward a clear, healthy complexion.

(90 minutes)   $125

Renewed Happiness

A mini treatment focusing on exfoliation and brightening, A Lactic Acid & Green Tea Peel removes dead surface cells, revealing brighter, more even skin. It is followed by a brightening Vitamin C-rich Kiwi Masque.

(45 minutes)   $65

Seaweed Hydration Facial

Drench your skin in moisture This facial includes an in-depth skin analysis to determine the needs of your skin, followed by enzyme exfoliation under a hydrating steam. The massage is not only heavenly, but helps improve circulation to bring nutrients, moisture, and oxygen to feed your skin. Mild extractions may be done to clear the pores. We finish up with a super cool hydrating seaweed masque to calm and nourish. You leave refreshed and relaxed.

(75 minutes)   $95

Skin Sculpting Facial (includes a peel)

Professional strength microcurrent for firming & lifting. Clients are raving about this effective anti-aging technology. It uses micro-current to tone and stimulate muscle fibers to contract. This is an intensive treatment to make the skin look firmer and soften lines. Most notice the instant lift from the very first treatment. Being the most intensive micro-current treatment we offer, it is often done in a series of 6 before a special event. Results are cumulative.

(90 minutes)   $195

Teen Facial

The perfect primer for teen-age skin. This is a great introduction to proper skin care for young people. The focus is on education, and how diet and lifestyle habits affect the skin. This facial helps to balance and clear the pores. It includes a Glycolic Booster to exfoliate and assist in the extraction process. Only light extractions are done. A Problem Skin Facial is recommended for skin requiring deeper cleaning.

(45 minutes)   $85

Vitamin C Total Infusion (With a Vitamin C Peel)

Double the power of Vitamin C Step it up a notch by including a Vitamin C Peel to your Vitamin C Facial to experience more brightening and collagen-building potential. This is a wonderful super hydrating treatment that replaces moisture and essential lipids to parched or dehydrated skin.

(90 minutes)   $165